Canadian of origin, from Quebec, in Mont-Joli, a rural area of Quebec, 7 hours drive from Montreal, Pascale lived 18 years in Scotland and England and now lives South of Melbourne in Australia, with her husband and three children. She has completed a degree in Psychology in Quebec, a Masters in Psychology and Education at the University of Cambridge, UK, and  a Doctorate in Child, Adolescent and Educational Psychology at the Institute of Education, London, UK. Member of the British Psychological Society and registered with the Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC) in the UK, she is a qualified Educational and Child Psychologist and worked in Essex as a trainee and qualified Educational Psychologist in different educational settings such as special, primary and secondary mainstream schools. Prior to training as an Educational Psychologist, Pascale worked in different childcare and educational settings, notably, summer camps, primary school and secondary schools, independent schools, further education colleges and childcare centres in Quebec, Scotland and England. She also worked for local authorities developing specialised education and services for children and families. Her husband works as an Engineer Manager in the marine signalisation industry.

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Originaire du Québec, Mont-Joli, dans le Bas St-Laurent, Pascale a vécu 18 ans en Écosse et en Angleterre. Elle vit maintenant en Australie, au sud de Melbourne, avec son mari et ses trois enfants, 13, 10 et 3 ans. Pascale a completé un baccalauréat en psychologie à Trois-Riviéres, une maîtrise en psychologie et education à l’Université de Cambridge (UK) et un doctorat en psychologie scolaire et de l’enfant et adolescent à l’Institut d’Éducation à Londres (IOE).  Psychologue scolaire, Pascale travaille avec des enfants, adolescents, familles et professionels scolaires dans de nombreux milieux dont les écoles primaires, secondaires, spécialisées et aussi dans des milieux préscolaires. Pascale a développé des intéréts particuliers sur les sujets de transitions, la résilience, facteurs de risque et protection en lien avec l’adaptation scolaire, la migration, le bilinguilisme, la psychologie positive et la psychologie organisationnelle dans les milieux scolaires. Son mari travaille dans la signalisation maritime.



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