As well as the work of an Educational and Child Psychologist, Pascale has developed a specific interest in the following topics: risk and protective factors, school adaptation, resilience, family coping, transitions, organisational psychology in the school environment, positive psychology, promoting talents and dreams, bilingualism and global migration.

Pascale is available for private work. Pascale is a registered educational and child psychologist in the UK and a psychologist registered in Australia with educational and developmental endorsement with ABN. Pascale designed her own website, company name and resources. Further information and portfolio can be seen at <3PPsychologies, Psychology for Life Adventures ( She has a Working With Children card, recent National and International Police checks (Australia).

At individual, family and school levels:

  • available for home visits, school visits (classroom observations, consultations, direct child work) and liaison with different professionals and agencies
  • on-going support to children and young people experiencing mental health, behavioural and emotional difficulties
  • support to parents who would like more skills and strategies to support their child
  • children and families experiencing global migration and would like further guidance and advice
  • support to schools who would like further help and support in understanding children’s and families’ needs
  • consultations: a specific issue as a one off consultations, as on-going support
  • assessment of children’s strengths, needs, difficulties and support to parents and schools to implement evidence-based strategies
  • leadership and managing change consultation for school leaders

At systemic level:

  • presentations on the following topics:
    • ADHD
    • ASD
    • behaviour management
    • global migration
    • attachment
    • risk and protective factors to school adaptation
    • transitions
    • resilience
    • positive psychology in schools
    • dreams and aspirations language and applications
    • managing change
    • creativity in the classroom
  • presentations can be delivered as stand alone presentations, or as an on-going piece of work in the school, or as part of workshops and more practical activities with children, parents and staff
  • presentations and PD are often developed from needs, do not hesitate to contact Pascale should you wish to discuss an idea or need further for a first consultation.

Writing and sharing:

  • promoting the topics above
  • empowering parents and practitioners to seek advice and implement specific strategies to support children with various issues or difficulties
  • stories for children
  • creative tools for busy psychologists and practitioners
  • web magazine and sharing information

Do not hesitate to contact Pascale via email to discuss needs and design future support…Pascale will endeavour to answer your query within 3 days of receipt.