The Blog explained!

As I have experienced living in different countries and now experience new adventures, I set up a blog aiming to bring different reflections, practical ideas and tools for global families and practitioners supporting them. Tools aim to link psychological components to experiences, present information and practical ideas including checklists, top tips, mind maps, links and references (and my photos and art work).

I divided the blog in three different sections:

  • Prior to Moving
  • Decisions Made: Moving
  • Adaptation

These themes resonated with me as our experience of moving abroad evolved. Mind maps for each theme outline future developments and posts. Another section is under development: A Place Called Home/Tools. Texts will soon be written in French and published in collaboration with a French Canadian web magazine/blog.

Different posts may be of interest to families experiencing a move abroad or to practitioners supporting global families. A move abroad can be an overwhelming experience so a support tool may be helpful.

The site is constantly evolving. If there are themes or topics you feel may need specific attention, if you have questions about a specific issue, please do not hesitate to contact me via my email address: