Mission Impossible?

There are just days that are just like that…feeling that missions are impossible. Since, we arrived here, I have had a number of missions, more more fun than others. From road tax and medicare offices, to garages, shops, estate agents, mortgage brokers, medical centre, schools, to name a few, I feel I have had many missions. Some missions are completed successfully and in a straightforward way, but others are particularly complicated…

I register all the children in schools and childcare centres. I am given appointments where registration depends on many factors such as opening hours of the uniform shop, school tours, form filling; we respect that and go along with that. I register the little one to a childcare centre. Whilst he has a little play in his room, I sit in a family room, complete all the forms. We come back for a second visit with more forms completed, the receptionist realise he has asthma and eczema which means they need a full treatment and care plan, a plan fully signed by a GP before he can stay. We do not have a GP yet so I register to the medical centre and try to book an appointment. You will need a Medicare number. Ok go to the Medicare centre, sorry we cannot see you alone, your husband has to be with you. My husband is at work during the day, what are your opening hours? well, 9 to 4…ok, will ask husband to take an afternoon off and come back another day…can’t really take an afternoon off until next week, some busy days, etc. I managed to have an appointment with the GP without a medicare number and very rapidly too because a child had to be seen, but still sometimes it feels that you are in a chicken and egg situation…

After years of trying to get qualifications to work as a psychologist, in the first instance having my qualifications recognised from Canada in the UK, and then getting on a conversion programme to access a doctorate programme, I feel that I am now back at square one, having to go through it all again. I don’t know many times I have been police checked in Canada, in the UK, for employment, for voluntary work, I would have not have been able to work in education the last twenty years if I had not been properly police checked, but I now need to go through a full international police check. I also need to apply to a psychology board for registration, but I cannot apply until I have a fully transitional programme in place, which includes supervision, and cannot be employed until I am registered…a full chicken and egg situation again…I am completely mind boggled…

There are definitely days that feel missions are impossible!!!




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