Learning about Time and Pennies

It is interesting how some very trivial things in life, things you take for granted, become completely overwhelming and difficult to manage. We never thought time and pennies would cause us some headaches. You become so accustomed to your own ways of living and carry on…and then comes a move and it all changes…


We had always been familiar with communicating with family abroad, 5 hours difference with Montreal and London, it seemed reasonable to know when to phone with plenty of opportunities during the day to phone. We had also been familiar with this concept too as my husband travelled abroad. Children were used to speak to him on Skype or over the phone. He would always make an effort of phoning every evening either at dinner time when we are all at the dinner table or later in the evening before bedtime.

We have found that, communicating with Australia when preparing the move and then when we arrived, is a little more tricky. Keeping in touch with Montreal time as well as London time became impossible. Children were also very confused, thinking that it was just the same. Then my husband travelled to London and Paris via Dubai and then the children became even more confused. When he was abroad, he was able to phone but the routine of phoning at dinner time was completely thrown out of the window. We had to adapt to that and find new ways of communicating.

We purchased some clocks and we set them at the different zones. It is in a very prominent place in the house where children can see them easily. With these clocks, we have managed to have visual support to talk about time more effectively. It also gives a visual reminder of how ahead we are compared to the other two countries, when people get up, go to bed, then judge whether it is a good time to phone or not! A great way to learn about the world! Definitely a must!



When we started unpacking, we found lots of pennies in boxes, handbags, etc. We realised that these pennies were not just in pounds but lots of different currencies. Our travels have brought us in lots of different places, we had accumulated, unbeknown to us, quite a collection of pennies. As unpacking evolved, it became impossible to manage all these pennies so we purchased some jars, all the same, to put our pennies in. We have needed a pound sterling jar, a Canadian dollar jar, an Australian dollar jar, an Euro jar and a miscellenous jar. Children have had a great time looking at all these pennies. All very confusing too as the Queen is on many of them! Children have reflected on the fact that AUD jar seems to be always low on funds because they have admitted taking pennies for their lunch money! A very simple and practical idea helping children to learn about the world. Another must!



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