Moose to opossum, Opportunities to Challenges…after all we are all global citizens!

As we are living new adventures, I have been thinking it would be great to write about it in a more formal way than perhaps other social media sites. I also wanted my thoughts and experience to benefit families who may experience something similar to us. This site is intended to give a flavour of what it may be like to move abroad. I also intend to post some ideas and solutions that I found useful and that may help other families experiencing global migration. Information, ideas and solutions may be pertinent to practitioners and professionals supporting families and children experiencing such big transitions. I sincerely hope you find reflections, insights and ideas helpful. Do not hesitate to post some interesting solutions and ideas too. Why not share some of your experiences, similar or different?

I could write in French (my first language) but global pressures, dominant language and my daily existence make it difficult to write in my first language (j’espère que vous me pardonnerai!). I intend to write in English but please feel free to communicate in French if, as me, your first language is French. I apologise in advance for those who would like to communicate in other languages as I would love to be able to communicate in more languages.


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