An opportunity comes up, what should I do?

  • Keep a positive and an open mindset…We have always lived our lives where we have been curious and sensitive to new experiences and adventures. I have always said to my husband or the kids to go for it when applying for new jobs or a place in a team, ‘you never know when it will open doors’, and if it isn’t successful it doesn’t matter, it is a learning process, it will have a purpose somehow.
  • Mind mapping, checklists, pros and cons: thinking about a new adventure…it was a huge decision, even just showing interest to move to Australia, because then I was agreeing for all of us to be moving across the world. We spent many evenings, away from children’s ears, mind mapping our thoughts, making checklists of priorities and looking at the pros and cons of this new adventure. I felt it was very important to explore every eventualities, fears, anxieties, opportunities…it had to suit all of us as a family.
  • Planning: Even when we did not know if my husband had been successful during the process, we carried on planning, looking at houses on internet, searching about the area, talking to people (without disclosing we had applied for a job) who may have experienced the country in terms of holidays or to live. It kept the project moving on. It also helped form ideas as to what we would do, where we would live, finding schools, finding about costs of living, etc.
  • Talking to close family and friends…We talked to people close to us and asked what they thought about our project. This helped us continue to form our thoughts about the project such as pros and cons, etc. We received lots of positive feedback so we felt reassured about the process and the decision.



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