” I am an immigrant, you are an immigrant…”

I am in shock…My home country…a city I love…a safe, calm, respectful, culturally rich city…a home to many of my loved ones…a city where I was born…now touched by terrorism, an act never seen before in that city…

I am writing this post, coming back from a full 8 days camping in the most beautiful wilderness of Australia…parrots, kangaroos, snakes, bush land, rivers, sunshine and much more. I am writing this catching up on the world news of the last week…in disbelief of what has happened to human rights, beliefs, compassion and respect to humanity…I am moved…I am trying to keep it all together…

There is no word to explain how it feels when terrorism lands close by, invasive, intrusive, attacking, trauma, uncertainty, disbelief, shock…my heart goes to all who have experienced this before…I am not there…mais je suis là avec tous les Québécois…

All I can think of is that, whatever persecution one can experience, all humans deserve to live as long as life is present…I am now in a different country, a land which brings me different enriching experiences…all deserve to experience a life which brings them enriching experiences…Many, through history, did just that!

Many tried to experience a better life, tried to find routes to gold, spices, rich fabrics, potential prosperous land, spacious territories, waterways…Why would we now deny the possibility of fleeing war, persecution, possible deaths and diseases…A desire and intense basic need to protect ones’ life and family…

My ancestors were immigrants, I am an immigrant, many are immigrants…It is highly possible that many of world citizens have migrated, moved, come back, move again, crossed borders, lived somewhere for a while…did not want to come back, wanted to go back, wanted to see family, decided to stay for many reasons, or decided to go back for many reasons…all have a different story…I would be very curious to hear how many can say they have the full percentage of genes originating from that one country…and what would that be anyway…science is not able to fully determine such a thing…and it does not exist anyway…

The world is such an amazing place to explore, providing indefinite adventures and experiences, knowledge, education, language, reflections…A world of cultural and educational experiences, richness at its best! Why would we stop it and deny it???

I am an immigrant, many are immigrants, it is highly possible you are an immigrant…Be curious, be adventurous, be kind and respectful to one of another..Amour et paix!

We are all immigrants…


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